Low-energy, prefab tiny cabins are inspired by 'friluftsliv'

2022-08-27 01:54:36 By : Mr. XJ Fiber

Prefab housing startup Koto has unveiled a series of tiny timber cabins with minimalist designs inspired by friluftsliv — translated as “free air life,” this Nordic concept is the act of embracing indoor-outdoor living and a connection with nature. The low-energy, modular Koto cabins can be configured in a variety of sizes and are crafted specifically for those looking to reconnect with nature.

Koto was founded by Johnathon Little and Zoe Little earlier this year. The name Koto means “cozy at home” in Finnish and is the ethos behind the company’s minimalist cabin design. To create the ultimate nature-based retreat, the cabins — which are made with eco-friendly materials — allow for a comfortable atmosphere.

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Black cladding allows the tiny cabins to blend into nearly any environment. The sloped roof, a hallmark of the company, is part of the architects’ design strategy to add space to the interior. “Our initial range of modules — Pari, Muutama and Ystava — are all represented with the Koto wedge shape roof,” Jonathan told Dezeen. “This shape allows for an interesting form and experience both internally and externally, a modern twist on the traditional vernacular.”

According to the designers, the interiors are meant to be private retreats in the middle of serene landscapes. The living area is extremely space-efficient with storage concealed within the walls. The fresh Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic is achieved thanks to all-white walls and light wood flooring. A large skylight and glass front facade floods the interior with natural light and allows for a strong, constant connection to the outdoors.

The modular cabins can be configured in a number of sizes, but a medium-sized cabin contains a bathroom, a fold-out king-sized bed, hidden wall storage, a window bench and a wood-burning stove. There are various options to customize the space, including a small kitchenette, an outdoor shower and a sauna cabin.

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Prefab housing startup Koto has unveiled a series of modular tiny cabins.

The minimalist cabins are inspired by Scandinavian design.

The tiny cabins can be ordered in a variety of sizes.

The modular cabins can be set up in various configurations.

Concealed storage walls maximize floor space.

Skylights and large windows bring light to every corner.

A large skylight floods the interior with natural light.

Vertical windows connect the interior with the exterior.

The Koto wedge shape roof is standard in the cabins.

The black cladding allows the buildings to blend into nature.

The cabins are made from a low-energy, timber frame.

The cabins also feature wood-burning stoves.

The cabins can be customized with extras such as saunas and outdoor showers.

The design is minimalist in order to put the focus on living simply and enjoying nature.

Each cabin comes with a tall slanted roof that adds space to the interior.

The design is flexible in order to provide space for homes, offices, hotel suites and more.

The cabins help residents strengthen their connection with nature.